"Media coverage of Islamic fundamentalism is very selective. There are certain types that are not discussed at all. For example, the Saudi version, which may be among the most extreme. Americans hear a lot about Hezbollah and Hamas and groups in Egypt, like the Akhwan.
Saudi Arabia’s Islamic government has been by far the most fundamentalist in the history of Islam. Even today, for example, women drive in Iran. They can’t drive in Saudi Arabia. Today, for example, men and women are working in offices together in Iran. Women wear chador, but they work in offices. In Saudi Arabia, they cannot do it. So on the basis of the nature and extent of fundamentalist principles or right-wing ideology, Saudi Arabia is much worse in practice than Iran. But it has been the ally of the United States since 1932, so nobody has questioned it."

Pakistani anti-war activist and critical writer Eqbal Ahmad dropping truth bombs like no other.
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